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We started by creating GAMES under the brand PonyBear Apps. There are 2 PonyBear game apps on the App Store now, with a 3rd game almost complete. The first game, Little Snow Bear, is great for very young kids, because they can have fun drawing on the screen and watching the little bear slide all around, even if they don't understand the actual goal of the game...but it's fun for all ages, and even a challenge if you try to win all 3 stars on each level! In the other game, Orb Obsession, you launch an orb and try to reach the spinning spiral goal. If you like games at all, you might check them out.

Little Snow Bear

Modern Obsession, LLC

It was a big step up, to move from GAME apps to a MEDICAL app.

When the developer of a great medication app decided to retire, and asked if there were any users of the app who might want to 'take over' the app, and continue developing it...this was a major turn for us. We had to get serious in several ways. First, we had to learn the new programming language that Apple Computer just created, because all iPhone/iPad apps will use this language going forward. Secondly, we had to create an app from scratch, but make it close enough to the original that existing users can transition and feel comfortable.

We've worked very hard to make "Medi-Prompt" the best medical app on the App Store. It's important to us to get this right, so if you have any suggestions, please send them to us at info@modernobsession.com.

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