Orb Obsession

A game for all skill levels

288 levels to play!!  Time to get Obsessed!!!

Will this game relax you...or excite you? That's up to you. It's 3 games in 1:
     - An "easy" version for the casual distraction-seeker
     - A "moderate" version for the achievement-seeker
     - A "difficult" version for the ultimate challenge that may keep you playing for quite a while.
All this in one app.

So play it now!!

Use the obstacles, buttons, machines, boost fields, pendulums, doors, hatches, bumpers, spinners, blobs, carts, paddle-wheels, timers, and other cool features to win each level.
This simple yet addictive physics-based puzzle-arcade game takes a fun combination of good aiming, good timing, and smart thinking, to make you a winner.

You get 288 levels of play, for just $1.99...and no ads!!

Let "Orb Obsession" become your new obsession.

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