Little Snow Bear

Little Snow Bear

Draw a path for little bear!

Please help little snow bear!! He needs you to draw a path for him! He'll reward you with hundreds of levels of game play. Fun game!

Little Snow Bear needs your help:
Please draw a path he can slide down to reach his goal. It starts out easy, but over the course of hundreds of levels, things are added, including trampolines he can bounce on, transporters to help him reach his goal, spikes to watch out for, speed boosters to help him, conveyor belts to ride, and much more!

This simple yet addictive interactive game is cute, fund, and sometimes makes you think: You get 250 levels to start, with more to come. One low price ($1.99) gets you everything...NO ADS...NO IN-APP PURCHASES. Let Little Snow Bear slide his way into your heart!

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